Erase a Criminal Record

Start living without the shadow of a criminal record.

We do all the court filings and court leg work for you!

And once it's off your record, it's like it never happened!

Open up your opportunities. Get a rental, land a mortgage, or that job, show up clean on a background check, maybe even get your gun rights back. (Expunging your record doesn't guarantee you will get any of that but it is a step in the right direction!)

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We erase criminal convictions and records of arrest for drug possession, burglary, theft, assault (some), domestic violence, and other crimes.  

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Expunged Criminal Records

A motion to set aside (also called a motion to expunge) seals a criminal record and it's like it never happened. (Call for more detials.)

Once the motion to set aside a record is granted  "the applicant for purposes of the law shall be deemed not to have been previously convicted, or arrested, cited or charged as the case may be, and the court shall issue an order sealing the record of conviction and other official records in the case, including the records of arrest, citation or charge whether or not the arrest, citation or charge resulted in a further criminal proceeding." 

These Crimes Cannot Be Expunged

Class A felonies, criminal mistreatment in the first or second degree, endangering the welfare of a minor, criminally negligent homicide, assault in the third degree, most sex crimes, traffic offense, DUI.

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How long before it can be expunged?

Time lines depend on the disposition of the case.

The process takes time but you can start the process as indicated below.

  • Immediately after if acquitted or dismissed.
  • One year if arrested, issued citation or criminal charge.
  • Three years after completing terms of sentence if convicted.
  • Ten years for more than one conviction.
  • Twenty years for some convictions

Who is involved in the process?

  • District attorney, victims, the police for records search, and the judge appointed for the hearing.

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